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Woodmansterne Primary


Year 6

Hawthorn Class: Ms L Maynard (maynardl@wps.org.uk

End of Year Expectations for Year 6 can be found here.

A glossary of terms used in Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar in Primary Schools can be found here.

A suggested Reading List for Years 5 & 6 can be found here.

Autumn 1

The Blitz

A siren sounds, a building crumbles, a Spitfire zooms overhead. Take cover! It’s 1939 and Britain is at war. Deep down in the Anderson shelter, learn why nations are fighting and why child evacuees must make the long journey from the homes and families into unknown territory.

Autumn 2

Fallen Fields

Known as ‘the war to end all wars’ the First World War was a conflict that had a devastating effect on millions of people across the world. What started this global tragedy? What was life like for families on the home front as they waited for new of loved ones who were ‘missing in action’? How did the soldiers endure the terrible conditions in the trenches? How was a fragile peace finally achieved? We will always remember the fallen.

Spring 1

Frozen Kingdom

Spring 2

Alchemy Island

Summer 1

We're All Wonders

Summer 2

Production - to be confirmed