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Woodmansterne Primary


Acorns Nursery Class

Manager and Nursery Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENCO): Sue Bailey baileys@wps.org.uk or nursery@wps.org.uk



Key Person


Purple Hedgehogs

Sue Bailey (baileys@wps.org.uk)


Red Rabbits

Vanessa Vickers (vickersv@wps.org.uk)


Orange Owls

Lisa Davis (davisl@wps.org.uk)


Yellow Squirrels

Monday to Wednesday – Emma Phillips (phillipse@wps.org.uk)

Wednesday to Friday – TBC

Information on how nursery children learn and how we can help them can be found here.

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In Nursery there is a great emphasis on speaking and listening as well as phonics. Children have daily phonics sessions using the Phase 1 Letters and Sounds scheme. The emphasis during Phase 1 is to get the children attuned to the sounds around them and ready to begin developing oral blending and segmenting skills. A secure foundation that will support the successful transition into the teaching of set 1 sounds taught in Reception.

Autumn 1

Do Dragons Exist?

Do dragons exist? Who lives in a castle? We’ll be exploring these questions and more in this project about the fantastical world of dragons and castles. The children will be learning about sharing resources and being brave in this exciting first topic.


People Who Help Us


The children will be learning about all the different people who help us ranging from Mum and Dad to the emergency services. They will learn through activities and stories how these people help us. Through this they will learn how they can start to help each other and use these skills to develop friendships.


Why is water wet?

Why do we need water? What do we use water for? How can we keep dry on a rainy day? The children will be exploring these questions and more in this project about water and its properties. The children will take part in floating or sinking experiments and will learn about staying safe near water.


Autumn 2

Why do leaves go crispy?

Why do leaves go crispy? What is inside a conker? During this topic the children will be learning about autumn and changes over time through fun investigations, nature explorations, stories and crafts.


What is a minibeast?

What is a minibeast? Where do we find them? How do they move? The children will be exploring the fantastic world of minibeasts in this topic and learning how to care for living things in their environment.



The children will be learning all about the wonder of Christmas and Christmas traditions in this topic. We will also be preparing for our nativity play. During this topic the children will enjoy lots of role play and Christmas themed fun and crafts.


Spring 1

Where does the snow go?

The children will be learning about winter weather and the properties of snow, ice and frost. They will be exploring what happens to snow and ice when they melt, as well as what animals, birds and humans do to adapt to colder weather and keep warm. They will use the colder weather to head outside and explore the sensory qualities of snow and ice.


Are eggs alive?

The children will be celebrating spring and exploring the changes that occur in nature during this season. They will be learning about the spring weather, including rain and wind. They will learn different types of farm animals and their names and they will research the life cycle of various animals. They will learn how to care for and nurture baby animals.


Spring 2

Can I have a dog?

What is a pet? How do we look after animals? What does a vet do? We’ll be exploring the topic of domesticated and wild animals in this topic and will learn how to care for them. We’ll also be exploring animals who help us and the fantastic jobs they do!


Is it shiny?

Is it shiny? Does it sparkle? We will be exploring materials and their properties in this topic including what materials are shiny or non-shiny, is it hard or soft and what is a reflection?


Summer 1

Why can’t I have chocolate for breakfast?

The children will be using their senses when investigating, tasting and describing different types of food. They will explore how to keep their bodies healthy by eating a balanced diet and exercising. They will learn where food comes from and what happens when we make changes to food by cooking, melting, freezing and mixing.


How high can I jump?

How high can I jump? How fast can I run? We will be exploring sport, movement and physical activity in this topic in lots of interesting and fun ways and discussing what is healthy and unhealthy.


Summer 2

How many pebbles on the beach?

How many pebbles on the beach? Which creatures live by the sea? This is a topic all about the seashore in which we will explore plants and animals that live on the seashore, the properties of pebbles, sand and rocks and of course the ever changing wonder of the sea!


How do buildings stay up?

How does that building stay up? What is it made of? How many windows does it have? We will be exploring these questions and more in this project about buildings, structures, properties of materials, houses and homes. Our investigations will include many exciting construction opportunities and lots of fun role play.