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Woodmansterne Primary


Our maths curriculum is designed to provide children with the skills and confidence that they need to be successful mathematicians, at school and beyond. Not only is our aim that every child will develop a deep understanding of maths skills, but we also want our children to be confident, inquisitive mathematicians with a love of the subject. 

We aim to develop children’s knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts rather than simply teaching them how to achieve a correct answer through following steps in a method.

We want Woodmansterne mathematicians to be able to think critically and reason their ideas and understanding, so our curriculum provides many opportunities for children to problem-solve, both independently and collaboratively. We ensure children face problems where they may need to try several approaches before finding success and make mistakes along the way; in this way, we train our children to be resilient learners. 


Our Maths ethos revolves around meeting the specific needs of each individual child and there is a clear and consistent approach to the teaching of maths. We ensure children access work which provides them with a level of challenge which will allow maximum progress. In each lesson, children are provided with three challenges from which to choose.  One level provides scaffolding and support and one stretches the most able children with more complex questions. Children self-select their level of challenge and adapted the work they choose as the lesson progresses based on feedback, marking and their level of understanding and confidence with a concept.  If a child finishes a challenge during the lesson, they move up to the next one; an extension activity is always provided for the most able children when they have completed Challenge 3.

We also meet the needs of each child by carefully considering which children need an initial teacher input, often working with groups or 'peeling off' certain children, who may benefit from extra support, while allowing more confident children to work more independently.


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 Progression of Skills


Number and Place Value

Addition and Subtraction 

Multiplication and Division



Geometry - Properties of Shapes

Geometry - Position and Direction


Ratio and Proportion